Delilah Sansregret
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Based in Montreal

La femme aux fleurs
Are you looking for meaningful companionship? Introducing the autodidact with the charming and almost imperceptible lisp. I'm a logophile, bibliophile, and all-around good-time-ophile. My large brown eyes enchant and tasteful tattooed curves captivate. Versatility is an understatement; my personality is a mix of Albertan pragmatism and cultured sophistication. I love museums and libraries, but can also be found intently searching through the back issue boxes at ComicCon. I can wax poetic on the beauty of modernist literature or the debate the merits of the original vision of Star Trek versus the Abrams reboot. I'm a natural beauty and as comfortable out of makeup as in it. My smiles come quick and easy and my sense of humour is both ironic and inviting. I am quirky yet elegant, adorable yet mature. I have a gift for putting people at ease and love to meet with diverse individuals of all genders, orientations, abilities, ethnicities, and cultures, and I especially adore meeting with couples. My natural abilities are enhanced by over four years of experience as a companion.
  • Caucasian Female aged 29 and Hour Glass 32E
  • 5'3 tall Brunette Straight, Long, hair.
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